Student housing. Upon hearing those words, one will probably imagine tiny, foul kitchens, exfoliated wallpapers and bedrooms of just a few square meters. But nowadays, students are looking for luxury. The ever increasing studying costs are making students want to invest in their studies more, so campuses are built with many luxurious facilities.

I attach a lot of value to having a steady place to call home, so I was curious about the way these luxuriously fabricated campuses function as a home to people my age. I expected that I would feel a certain jealousy comparing them to the house that I live in, which doesn't have a shared living room and which has a kitchen that never really becomes clean, no matter how I try. When I returned from the building for the first time, I realized that these expectations were wrong. The impersonal, empty spaces and the futuristic interior made me feel lonely and alienated. I wondered if the small, cosy student houses would disappear because of the changing finances of student life. I found myself hoping that they would not.