Thirteen years ago, my mother met a woman at a train station. Her name was Juldi and she had just fled from Liberia. This encounter was the beginning of a special relationship between her and our family. She was like an older sister, though one with a completely different background.

We had only known Juldi for three years. She suddenly died after the birth of her second son. Her time here may have been short, but she has definitely had an influence on my life.

This project is an attempt to get to know Juldi. Because even though she felt like family, at the time I didn’t really ask questions about her life, about who she actually was. It’s a search through my own memories, through memories of people that have known her, through what’s still left of her here. I don’t expect to find all the answers, but at least I hope to give an insight in the person she was, and to make sure that she is not forgotten.